Ethics Policy

As stated in our Constitution the West Highland White Terrier Club (WHWTC) of Greater Atlanta's objectives are:
A To encourage and promote quality in the breeding, care, training and exhibition of West Highland White Terriers;
B To promote the dissemination of information concerning West Highland White Terriers;
C To encourage and hold dog shows, exhibitions and matches;
In pursuing these objectives the WHWTC of Greater Atlanta acknowledges its responsibility to preserve and protect the West Highland White Terrier. It further recognizes that the quality, health, safety and reputation of the breed rests squarely in the hands of its breeders and owners. Therefore, to elucidate these responsibilities and ensure their understanding by the Members, as well as guidance to the public, the WHWTC of Greater Atlanta sets forth below certain code of conduct to be honored and followed by its Members.
Membership in the WHWTC of Greater Atlanta requires the acknowledgement of the Member's acceptance of and adherence to this code.
• Members shall at all times act in the best interest of the breed and in the best interest of the well being of individual dogs and in a manner in keeping with the aims and interest of the Club.

• Members shall dedicate themselves to the appropriate care, training and continuing welfare of any dog which they own or co-own. Further Members shall make diligent efforts to secure a proper future of any dog which they have bred and sold.

• Members shall to the best of their abilities dedicate time, talents or support to the rescue of West Highland White Terriers whom have been abandoned or relinquished by their owners in order to and with the hope to provide them with a chance to live out the remaining years of their lives in a healthy and caring environment.

• Members shall keep their dogs in an environment and under a regime that as far as is possible ensures the well being of the dog.

• No member will knowingly sell a West Highland White Terrier of any age to any pet shop, catalogue house, laboratory, or any wholesale dealer in dogs, or to any person who sells to pet shops, catalogue houses, laboratories, or wholesale dealers (a dealer being a person who regularly buys stock for sale at profit).

• Members will not knowingly offer or knowingly agree to offer stud service to wholesale dealers or to any person involved with pet shops, catalogue houses, or laboratories.

• All breeding Members will be familiar with the American Kennel Club rules governing record keeping, registration and sale and transfer of dogs and will abide by these rules. Any warranties or other agreements pertaining to the sale of a Westie will be put in writing, with a copy to the buyer.

• A member selling an adult dog or puppy which he/she knows to be an inferior specimen of the breed not suitable for competition in conformation classes, or to have a physical condition which indicates that the breeding of the animal would be detrimental to the breed, shall so inform the buyer in writing and shall neuter or spay said animal prior to sale or under the condition that the sale shall be made with agreements in writing, signed by both buyer and seller, that the dog is not to be bred, is to be spayed or neutered and that AKC registration papers will be delivered to buyer upon receipt by seller of proof of spaying or neutering.

• All breedings shall be planned with the aim of improving the breed, with consideration given to type, temperament, health, breed standard, as prescribed by the AKC standard, and soundness. All Members shall be familiar with the Standard of the breed and will discourage matings between clearly inferior specimens of the breed; stud service will be refused to clearly inferior specimens of the breed. No dog exhibiting a hereditary health defect, unsound temperament or poor health will be bred.

• If a dog or bitch produces offspring with a serious defect or genetically transmitted disease, the owner must disclose the information to the prospective breeder or stud owner when negotiating a breeding with another owner. Further the owner must inform the owners of any other offspring of said dog or bitch that were not neutered upon sale.

• No member-breeder will breed a bitch unless he/she has the time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the physical and emotional development of the puppies and to the well being of the dam. No puppy will be placed in a new home before the pup is weaned, tested clear of internal parasites, and had its first necessary vaccinations. No member should provide stud service unless he/she is satisfied that the owner of the bitch has such time and facilities necessary for proper development of the pups.

• A bitch should be mated no more than two out of three successive seasons (assuming that litters result) and never without due regard for the health and well being of the bitch.

• No bitch shall be bred past an age where the resulting pregnancy might cause a serious health risk to the Dam or puppies.

• Members shall conduct themselves at all times in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the goals of AKC, the West Highland White Terrier Club of America and this Club as set forth in it's constitution and by-laws

• Advertising by members will be as factual as possible. Misleading exaggerations or unfounded implications of superiority will not be used.

• Members will refrain from knowingly making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others.

I have read the above CODE OF ETHICS. I understand that breach of this code may be cause for dismissal from the club.

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