Westie Rescue is a program sponsored by the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc. Our goal is to place Westies that have been abandoned, lost, or that can no longer be cared for by their owners in safe, loving homes due to a wide variety of reasons. Temperament and the needs of these Westies are matched with families that have applied to the program. Westies are a typically affectionate and friendly breed. However, certain characteristics of the West Highland Terrier may not work in every household. This terrier was breed to hunt and kill vermin in the Scottish Highlands. Although Westies have a cute, cuddly appearance they are tough, hardy, independent, and tenacious. Westies also do not like to be ignored and can get into trouble if bored. Please refer to the national club page to find out if a Westie is right for you: Westie Club of America Profiler

Westie Rescue tries to pair the right people with the right dogs. Some of the Westies who come to us have been neglected or ill-treated so we try to do as much background as we can on our placements as we want this to work for both the Westie and the adopting family. Due to the characteristics of the Westie we do not typically place a rescued dog in a family with children under age seven. If the dog has a disagreeable history with other dogs or other animals, the rescue may have to be placed in a home with no other current pets. Sometimes the westies may require training or on-going medical treatment. The matching process can take several months or more and we ask for your patience as westies are not placed as to where you are on a list, but placed where the Westie is the best fit within the family based on all the information we gathered about your family and the dog from their history and from their time in foster care. If you acquire a dog from another source or your situation changes during the waiting period please let us know so we can update or inactive your file. Adopters are carefully screened and make a donation (a minimum amount is required) at the time of the adoption to cover the cost of the program. It is not for the specific dog being adopted but to continue to cover the costs of the rescue program. All dogs are examined by a vet for illness, treated, inoculated and spayed/neutered before being placed in a new home.

Honored with the 2007 "Just Dog Breeds Dog Rescue Award"
from for our Club's Westie Rescue successes.

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