Sometimes it takes more courage to give up a furry friend than it does to keep them until you can no longer manage the situation. Such was the case with Duncan who was acquired as a puppy in a family with children under age 3. Duncan was absolutely great with the children, but had as many needs as one of the children as to time it takes to do training. When the husband was being deployed to the Middle East, it was already overwhelming situation with the children, but a puppy was too much. Like all westie puppies, Duncan had selective westie hearing, liked to chew, liked to dig, and needed to be put on a schedule to finish housebreaking. He also loved to play with the children, other dogs and the cat, would fetch, would snuggle and love to be pet. He is an adorable dog that just needed attention and tough love to train him. As hard as it was for the family to give him up, with just one adult, it was going to be a difficult situation to get him properly trained at this crucial time in a westie puppy’s life. I am grateful for the family to recognize this as many times when we get a rescue call, it has become an impossible situation and the westie develops many behavior problems. This was not the case with Duncan.

Donna Wensink and I went to get him and we watched him play with the cat as we packed his things in the car. It was amazing to watch the two play as hard as they could. Duncan was going to have to be introduced to other animals so he wouldn’t think he had been abandoned. He ended up being fostered at my house which was unusual for me as I have a 4 year old grandson, which we all know is not the best westie environment. However, since he was already good with children he bonded with my grandson, Matthew, and all the rest of the 4 footed guys in my house. All would run so hard in the back yard, that they all had to come in and take a nap. We took Duncan to the car wash a couple of times and he had a ball with everyone he met. His only puppy bad habit is chewing which is a pretty short list for a new owner.

Duncan’s trip to his forever home wasn’t just any trip. It was an adventure! He traveled by airplane all the way to Florida to meet his new mom. A new state, an airplane ride and a forever home… all in a days work. Duncan did wonderful on the airplane, didn’t make a peep. Although Duncan has now moved on to his new forever home, he is already making himself at home and getting to know the other dogs in the neighborhood. The new family is getting a wonderful dog that needs a little training and will pay back with a ton of love. We wondered how my grandson would be when Duncan left, but he seemed to understand that he was going to where he would get all the love. Like all foster “parents” he was fine with that and helped pack his stuff, take pictures and give him a big hug to send him on his way.

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